West Seattle’s Complete Bicycle Repair Shop Since 1971

Over the decades Alki Bike and Board has provided complete bicycle repair service for thousands of West Seattle’s bicycle riders, setting the standard for customer satisfaction, documented procedure, and fast return.

At Alki Bike and Board we work hard to guarantee high quality service without separating you from your bike for long periods of time. Nor do we make you ride a bicycle in need of repair while waiting for your appointment date. Our service department is operated under the strict guidelines and procedures of Barnetts Bicycle Institute shop manual and industry standard rate chart. These procedures provide consistent quality protocol to meet the highest customer expectations. As the ever changing technology comes to the market place Alki Bike and Board has a long history of being prepared for any repair. That’s what it takes to be West Seattle’s number 1 repair shop.

Repair Packages

Quick Repair Turn Around

We work hard to get your repairs
back to you for more Riding.
Most repairs done within 7 days or less.
Call for the next available date.
We do schedule appointments for 24 hour return service

Wheel Building Services

Over the past few years’ wheels have not been made for production bicycles that will take the harshness of Seattle city streets nor the punishment dished out by the average bicycle commuter.

Many wheels come on new bikes with very few spokes and too lightweight for commuter use. Stu’s hand built wheels however are designed to last without costly repairs. They last for Stu they will certainly last for you. Stu starts with picking out the right components for each riders needs then with 30 years’ of experience, hand laces and tensions the wheel to not only last but to improve your ride quality.

  • Wheel builds – $50.00
  • Spoke replacement – $25 (rear includes complete de-tensioning and re-tensioning)
  • Spoke replacement – $20 (front)
  • Wheel truing – $15-20 depending on severity and time

Electric Bicycle Repairs

Electric Bicycle repair work is very different than standard bicycle repair and therefore have a separate rate chart. As well a lot of the typical bicycle repair work needed for E bikes is not the expertise of the electrical engineer. Hydraulic disc brake bleeds for instance requires various tools and experience. Our repair department has over ten years of E Bike repair experience. We have been known to fix problems that our customers were told could not be fixed. Give us a try! We are only interested in making your investment in your electric bicycle worth it’s price.

Electric Bicycle Repair Rates:
Hourly Rate: Bikes bought from other stores and/or custom/retrofit – $105/hour
Bikes bought from Alki Bike and Board and/or supported in house – $85/hour
1 hour minimum service diagnostic and repair *Applied to any service*

  • Parts replacement labor rates:
  • Replace Electric Bike Brake Handle Assembly – 40.00
  • Replace Electric Bike Control Module – 65.00
  • Replace Electric Bike Tire/Tube Motorside – 40.00
  • Battery test – Free
  • Battery replacement – 25.00
  • Electric Bike Heavy Duty Wheel Build – 75.00
  • Electric Bike Wheel Truing Motorside – 50.00-60.00
  • Light system install or replace – 35.00
    Weatherizing the electric system – 65.00 materials 9.99

    Some repair work requires extra time and materials. Come in and see our full service electric bicycle repair center.