Ebike Battery Care and Recovering a Low Voltage BionX Battery


Battery Care:

Your E bike battery is the most vulnerable and most important part. We have many batteries per year decommissioned due to improper procedures.

To make the most of the life of your battery we recommend you follow these guidelines.

  • Read your owner’s manual for the factory recommendations for each manufacturer.
  • Your battery must be charged within a 3 month period. When storing your E bike for any long periods your battery should be in a warm and dry place. Before storing, your battery should be charged to about 80%. Most new batteries have a battery management system and can be stored longer but it is worthwhile to check on the voltage during the storage period.
  • On your first ride, start by having your battery fully charged to wake it up from its storage sleep. Riding your bike until the battery is near empty and fully recharging the first couple rides could create more storage capacity.
  • Recharging your battery should be done in a warm and dry environment. We recommend keeping your battery topped off. Plugging in for an overnight recharge is the best method but do not recharge for more than 24 hours. Your battery has over 1,000 recharge cycles but topping the battery off will not be registered as a full recharge cycle.
  • While riding the bike, to get the most range out of your battery it is best to reserve your higher output when most needed. Since the power output is increased by pedal pressure, spinning your pedals with lighter pressure will get you a lot further.
  • Use the right charger. Do not in any way or for any reason use a charger that was not designed for your bike. This may immediately destroy the battery. If you have lost your charger or it fails on you, go back to your dealer and order a new one. They are much less expensive than a battery.

BionX Low Voltage Battery Repair

Rather than return your battery to your BionX dealer, you may be able to recover your battery at home. If it works it will save you a whole lot of time/money.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Get the rear wheel of the bike off the ground. Some easy, at-home ways are by stringing the bike up to a rafter, or hanging the front of the seat off a fence post/tree branch/banister.
  2. Connect everything together and plug the charger into the battery with the system off.
  3. Keep the system off and slowly spin the pedals forward. Do this for about 10-15 minutes. (I know, takes a long time but can save you serious shipping costs.)
  4. After a while of pedaling slowly, turn on the charger and see if it stays in yellow — we are basically trying to support the voltage of your battery and bring it up to a level where the charger can read it (above 17 volts).
  5. If the charger still seems to have no effect, repeat the pedaling and checking for as long as you can stand it. With a bit of luck it will begin to charge and you can avoid shipping your battery back to your dealer for repair!

If you cannot get your battery to take a charge, contact your dealer for further assistance.