Yuba SuperMarché


       SuperMarché (supermarket in French) is the newest and most exciting member of Yuba’s cargo bike family launching at Interbike.  SuperMarché is the first ever front loader cargo bike manufactured by a major U.S. brand and solidifies Yuba’s leadership across all category segments.
       Front loader cargo bikes are native and unique to European markets; with SuperMarché, Yuba is bringing the heritage and lifestyle Europeans have relied o n for years to America.  SuperMarché is an extremely lightweight step-thru cargo bike weighing only 58 lbs; it boasts a comfortable and smooth riding experience, with incredible handling, a strong solid frame and rear rack. We’ve packed it with performance features including hydraulic disc brakes and a Shimano drivetrain that is stable and built for everyday workhorse use with easy loading and a low to the ground platform.
SuperMarché comes standard in Orange or Blue, and has a range of accessories including accessories for carrying 2-3 kids or for up to 300 lbs of cargo.

Product Description

Weight: 58 lbs
Cargo Capacity: 220 lbs front, 80lbs rear


Sizing: 4’9″ to 6’5″


Electric Compatible: Yes


Child Seat Compatible: Yes


Price subject to change. Early orders lock in advertised price.