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Detailed Tune-Up Gift Certificate


A tune-up gift certificate is great for someone who doesn’t want or need any more stuff cluttering their pad. You can pick it up in the store, or we can mail it to you!


Product Description

Detailed Bicycle Tune-Up

  • Detailed cleaning of components, frame, wheels
  • Clean and lube chain (check for wear)
  • Remove freewheel/cassette for cleaning, lubing and hub bearing adjustment
  • Remove tires for wheel truing and rounding
  • True and clean wheels off the bike in truing stand
  • Inspect tires for wear
  • Lubricate freewheel/freehub body
  • Adjust hub bearings
  • Align frame and fork dropouts and derailleur hanger
  • Remove crankarms for cleaning and bearing adjustment
  • Adjust crank bearings (bottom bracket)
  • Adjust steering bearings (headset)
  • Lube pedals and cleat retainers
  • Lubricate all pivots and moving parts on brakes, derailleurs, levers and pedals
  • Lubricate all cable routes with silicone
  • Cut or replace cables and housing to best length for flow
  • Resurface brake pads
  • Adjust brake calipers to hand size needed
  • Adjust derailleurs front and rear
  • Remove rear derailleur pulleys for cleaning, lubrication or replacement
  • Tighten all accessory attachments
  • Torque to specification: Crank bolts, chainring bolts, pedals, seat and seat post clamps, stem bolt, handlebar cinch bolt, threadless top cap and stem bolts, bar end or areobar attachments, wheel axle nuts or quick release, brake caliper fixing bolt, brake or derailleur lever attachment bands
  • Replace grips or re-wrap handlebars (tape or grips not included)
  • Inflate tires
  • Test ride
  • No extra Labor charge for replacement of: chain, cables, housing, rear cogs, spoke protectors, pedals, seat, seatpost, brake pads, worn parts on drive train or braking components, handlebar wrap, tubes or tires