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Electric Bicycles are opening the door to many people who have the desire to experience the fun and health benefits of cycling. The ability to conquer the many hills in our region has been made easy for those who are perhaps, not top athletes dressed for the big race.  Up to 2 hours free E Bike lessons comes with each E Bike purchase.

The transportation solution has been dialed in as the E bike has been refined for serious daily use.  The E bike has the same freedoms as the pedal bike without all the sweat and work.

Getting around the traffic jams and not waiting for the next bus gives you the freedom of mobility to ride to work or go shopping and of course have the fun touring ride on the weekends. Ferry transportation costs get slashed while you never will miss a boat and are always at the front of the line.

Most transportation fees such as parking and fuel cost will be saved and pay for your new E bike in a very short time.

Our E bike techs have chosen the most reliable E bikes that fit the needs of the local hilly conditions. The Techs are mechanically and technically certified for all brands of electronic repair.

We are authorized dealers for Bionx, Bosch and Currie Technologies. Many leading companies such as Shimano and Bionx have relied on our E bike technical unit for advice regarding their design as they improve the E bike industry.