Electric Bike Repairs

E-Bike Battery Care and Recovery


Electric Bicycle repair work is very different than standard bicycle repair and therefore has a separate rate chart. As well, a lot of the typical bicycle repair work needed for E bikes is not the expertise of the electrical engineer.

Hydraulic disc brake bleeds, for instance, require various tools and experience. Our repair department has over ten years of E Bike repair experience.

We have been known to fix problems that our customers were told could not be fixed. Give us a try! We are only interested in making your investment in your electric bicycle worth its price.

Electric Bicycle Repair Rates:
Hourly Rate: Bikes bought from other stores and/or custom/retrofit $105/hour
Bikes bought from Alki Bike and Board and/or supported in house $85/hour
1 hour minimum service diagnostic and repair *Applied to any service*

Parts replacement:
Replace Electric Bike Brake Handle Assembly 40.00
Replace Electric Bike Control Module 65.00
Replace Electric Bike Tire/Tube Motorside 40.00
Replace wiring and connectors/ Time and materials

Retro Fit install Bought from Alki Bike and Board $150-200
Retro Fit install From outside source $200-275
Install mid drive models $300
Weather proofing: Sealing the entries, boxes and connectors 50.00

Keep Your Batteries Charged!
Batteries need to be charged regularly or they will loose their capacity to store power. Please keep your batteries charged at least once a month to prevent damage. Trickle charging should not exceed 24 hours.