Commuter Bikes

What is a commuter bike?commuter

We have a saying at Alki Bike and Board, “Transport nicht Sport”. That saying applies to the usage of the bicycle as well as the bicycle you use.

  • A commuter bike is meant to be used every day. It must be durable and equipped for daily needs such as racks, fenders, lights and beefier tires. Too many bikes are being called commuter bikes with out possessing these attributes.
    Steel frame: Steel will withstand the urban roads we ride over and will not jolt the rider as much.
  • Tire Clearance: Commuter bikes need fenders so there should be enough clearance for wider tires and fenders around the rear frame and brakes as well as the front fork and brake. More flat resistant and wider tires can be used.
  • Better Brakes: Disc brakes are the best for commuting but good quality rim brakes like V brakes and cantilever stop well with all season brake pads and leave tire clearance.
  • Cargo: Commuters need to carry things each day such as clothing and repair kits. Carrying racks that bolt directly to the frame with waterproof panniers can do the job but there are many who need more cargo space. Cargo bikes can carry you and the kids and still be able to stop at the Farmers Market.
  • Upright positioning: For most rider a more upright position is preferred for comfort and the ability to see 360 degrees around you.
  • Affordable: The truth is the more you spend the less the bike looks like a commuter bike. There are many very good reasons to commute by bikes. One of them is to save money on transportation and parking costs. You don’t have to be rich to commute. Just be sure you pick out qualified quality and durability in your choices.

Comparing bicycles and seeing what works best for commuting will enlighten you even more. Come in and see our full line of commuter bikes. Or better yet, have a custom bike built just for you!