WS Bike Connections

west seattle bike connections and Stu at alki

West Seattle Bike Connections (WSBC) was formed in October 2012 as a volunteer community organization to give West Seattle a stronger voice in Seattle’s Bike Master Plan Update that started in 2013. Their participants come from all over the West Seattle peninsula, from all kinds of backgrounds and types of bike riding.

The WSBC collaborates with other Seattle organizations and agencies that directly influence policy and planning of bicycling infrastructure.

Top Secret
Driving a car or taking the bus can be stressful when trying to leave West Seattle. The West Seattle Bridge has limited capacity. Many people use public transportation, but buses have limited capacity too. There’s a secret alternative that we want to share with everyone in West Seattle – the route off the peninsula by bike that is very easy and never congested!
west seattle bike connections
Please join West Seattle Bike Connections if you are interested in helping to make West Seattle a safe and wonderful place for kids, grandparents, or anyone to ride bikes. No dues and no fees. You can contact WSBC for more information, or attend one of their upcoming events. They also meet on the first Tuesday of every month…check their calendar for details.