May is Bike to Work Month

bike monthGreat bicycling weather is on the way to kick off Bike to Work month.

Sponsored by Cascade Bicycle Club, Bike to Work month is a call out to new and recreational riders to give bicycle commuting a try. Often, once a cyclists is properly exposed to the daily recreation of bicycle commuting they tend to stick with it.

There are many great ways to get out of West Seattle during rush hour by bike that are far more efficient and fun than the West Seattle bridge by car. If you work downtown consider using the West Seattle Water Taxi and be a tourist. If you work to the south you can ride the Duwamish trail to Boeing as well as other work centers.

For more information on commuter routes in all directions you can contact our bicycle resource person, Stu Hennessey from noon to 7pm weekdays for route selections, 206 938 3322.

It is also Bike to School Month.

You and Carbon Pollution!

If you have had any concern over the changing climate and the extreme weather events that have been making headlines you have probably felt frustration over not being in a position to challenge the big corporate polluters.

The good news is that we are more in control of carbon pollution and its effect on the climate than most people realize.

Reduce your travel emissions by riding a bicycle

People like you and I actually emit nearly twice the carbon pollution than industrial America. We also pollute in a manner that is hard to capture. We are non point source polluters. NPSPs. That means the pollution we emit comes from a variety of source points like individual cars or lawn mowers or woodstoves.

Our source points are so spread out and numerous that it would be impossible to capture or cap what we emit. Where as a corporate polluter will usually have a single stack or source point that could be capped and sequestered.

We know there are cleaner ways to run the world’s industries but until we can afford a corporate takeover and finance the industrial change-over to clean energy we can only work on our own solutions. I find it very empowering to know that individual education and efforts can reduce nearly two thirds of the world’s carbon pollution.

Whether it is by using alternatives to fossil fuel transportation or reducing our home energy consumption or limiting the distance a product we consume travels to the cash register we can make a huge difference. Here are ten ideas you could employ:

Reduce your travel emissions by riding a bicycle. Using the transit system or trading in the gas guzzler for an electric vehicle.
Reduce your home energy costs by turning down the thermostat or buying a programmable thermostat. Choosing a smaller more efficient home. Switching to LED lighting. Turning off all electric devices when not in use.

Shopping Local, buying products that are being manufactured closer to home or have been offered for reuse. Shopping at local businesses near where you live. Smaller businesses with smaller carbon footprints.

Eat locally grown food. Join a Community Supported Agriculture subscription. Join a community garden group or P Patch. Turn your yard into your own food supply.

Plant trees! Trees eat carbon dioxide and in return release oxygen. Most trees have been removed to make room for our cities. Please replace them.
Support government and non government organizations that offer alternatives to the archaic fossil fuel era. We can fast track our independence from fossil fuels.

Reduce all forms of consumer waste. Buy bulk! Buy what you need. Buy what will make you less of a carbon non point source.

Recycle: This is where we show what gains we have already accomplished. Good Job NPSPs.
Compost: Another area where great strides have been made.

De-carbonize your image. Our image is important to us but is it a bigger is better image that we should strive for. Is the bigger car, bigger house, wealthy-enough-to-be-carbon-foolish image the one that matters? Imagine yourself at one with a carbon neutral earth.

* Stu Hennessey is a board member of Sustainable West Seattle and is an active cyclist and member of Spokespeople. Stu operates and owns Alki Bike and Board in West Seattle’s Admiral District.

Kona Splice Mountain Bike


Our Most Versatile Bike!

If you are looking for a bike that can do practically everything the Kona Splice deluxe is your choice. With an MSRP of $899 the well equipped Splice Deluxe has some nice specs, from the Shimano Deore 9 speed shifting to the Hydraulic disc brakes.

With racks and fenders the Splice Deluxe makes a great daily commuter and on the weekends a cross country trail bike. Come see the modifications some of our employees have made on their own Splice Deluxe.

  • Ideal blend of freedom, affordability and performance
  • Kona 7005 Aluminum Butted frame
  • Reliable 63mm SunTour NCX w/lockout fork
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes/29-speed gearing
  • For the trail or the City

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