Felt Verza-e 10 Electric Bike


The bicycle has officially surpassed the car in terms of technological advancement.  Offering infinitely variable gearing, smooth automatic shifting, and completely integrated electric assist, the Felt Verza-e 10 offers features that car manufacturers can currently only dream of.

The big difference between this bicycle and any other ebike is the NuVinci CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).  Unlike normal gear systems, the NuVinci has no “steps” between gears, and instead is a smooth transition from low gear to high gear.  This is assisted by H|Sync.  H|Sync allows the user to forget about shifting gears by hand, and shifts automatically based on pedal pressure alone.


Another huge feature, of course, is the electric pedal assist. Bosch’s system is easily the most advanced and the smoothest system we offer.  The pedal assist, like the gear system, is based almost entirely on pedal pressure.  Coupled with NuVinci H|Sync, this bike offers the smoothest, simplest, and most responsive ride on the market.  Nothing says freedom like an automatic electric bike. Never again will you worry about gears, hills, or paying for gas.