Yuba Spicy Curry


Great Family Bike!

Electric Bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Check out the new Yuba Spicy Curry!


Product Description

The Spicy Curry is built for performance and fun! The strong rear rack is like the deck of a minivan or pickup truck that allows you to carry children, groceries, tools, packages or any large object that normally requires a car. The high-torque mid-drive motor from Currie provides more power than other eBike drives on the market. Glide up hills and safely navigate city streets at 20-plus miles per hour without breaking a sweat. That’s spicy!

In addition to its powerful centerdrive electric motor the Spicy Curry is loaded with great cargo features: low-rider cargo rack for a lower center of gravity, integrated lock tab + Yepp Child seat adapters, plug-in cargo system with optional truck bed.

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