$15 an hour!

The momentum is growing and we will soon be seeing an increase of some proportion in the minimum wage.

The value of this minimum wage increase is the economic stimulus that will dwarf tax relief for the upper 1%.

The rub is, we need to make a serious effort directly related to a minimum wage increase to avoid this stimulus going to the upper economic stake holders.

In other words we must encourage rewarding the businesses that are paying these higher wages locally by patronizing them. If this stimulus goes to WallMart and to out of state online purchases you will have a failed model.

If this stimulus stays local and supports small businesses like the Trading Musician then we can afford the wage increase and present nationwide a model of success that will be the envy of other regions.

I will talk to Robin as I am a customer of The Trading Musician and explain how this would work.

It is up to the crafters of this wage increase to clearly point out the need for supporting the local small businesses that are providing this stimulus.

The other concern is trainee pay.

It would be appropriate to have a time period that would reduce the wages paid to trainees and inappropriate to pay a trainee the same as a trained employee.

Also we must work through the complexities of salaried, commission and tip workers.

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