Gas prices on the rise

bicycle, green, eco friendlyEven before the civil uprisings in the oil producing Middle East, the price for oil and gas was on the rise and predicted to reach record highs.

The price of oil extraction gets more difficult, more expensive and more environmentally harmful as we consume the remaining supply.

The bicycle will be the most accessible and most effective weapon for the average person to fight back.

Most people will find the bicycle ready to reduce the cost of transportation and lead to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

If you own a bicycle that has not been ridden in a while, now is the time to bring it in for a tune up to make it ready and reliable.

If you do not have a bicycle it’s good to know that our main inventory focus is on affordable and durable commuter style bicycles.

We also stock as much as possible, used bicycles that range between $100 and $200 after they have been completely tuned and necessary parts replaced.

Our used bicycle selection keeps us from having to import bicycles from thousands of miles away thus reducing oil consumption.

If you have a bicycle that is not being used please consider donating that bicycle to us so we can make it ready and available to those who need a bicycle but cannot afford one.

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